Emojinomics - The Story behind the latest ETH DApp

Howdy Code2Learners,

It's been a long time since I posted here as I have been busy with my Masters and then Work, but now after launching our first Ethereum based Decentralized Game, it's time to let people know about it.

Our game is called CryptoEmoji, the concept was born during a team brainstorming session when the question was asked: “What emoji do you think would be considered the most valuable?” As you’d expect, everyone had a different idea and reason why they thought their emoji was most valuable. After some heated discussions, we decided to tackle this problem as anyone would – with a distributed blockchain application, of course! This led us to the creation of CryptoEmoji and the conception of an economic system that we have dubbed “Emojinomics.”

So, what in the world is Emojinomics? Let’s start with the term “economics.” Economics is defined as “the social science that studies the production, distribution, and consumption of goods and services.” (Thanks, Wikipedia!)

We’ve defined Emojinomics as the social crypto experiment to study the mining, distribution, valuation, and creation of emoji collectibles.

One of the best thing about the game, for the Emoji's you own, you can write a message of your own (which can be an incentive for the other user to steal the emoji from you). below is page where you can update the message:

Important: To play the game you will need a laptop/desktop with Chrome/Firefox and with MetaMask Plugin installed. This will help you to interact with the blockchain to buy and sell Emojis.

Emoji Stories

Here are some of the Emoji Stories that our users have made over time. You called base emoji's for which you get a crafting token (CT) which can then be used to create Emoji Story. Don't get left behind in the Emojinomics Revolution.

Below is detailed Game Walkthrough, to let user understand how to play the game.

Game Walkthrough:

Sure thing! Let’s look at an example using 🤓, 💩, and a fella named Steve: 

Steve claims 🤓 for 0.1 Ether and 💩 for 0.5 Ether from other CryptoEmoji players. He gets a Crafting Token for each one. 

Since he claimed them from other players, the price of each emoji increases, so 🤓 is now worth 0.2 Ether and 💩 is now worth 1 Ether. Steve is so excited that he uses his Crafting Tokens right away to craft the 🤓💩 Emoji Story, worth 1.2 Ether. 

A random player claims both 🤓 and 💩 from Steve (Steve gets a Crafting Token for each one since they were claimed from him), and another player claims Steve’s 🤓💩 Emoji Story (he doesn’t get a Crafting Token since Emoji Stories don’t generate Crafting Tokens). Steve has just made a total of 2.4 Ether! Way to go, Steve! Except… 

A few transactions and claims later, 🤓 is now worth 8 Ether and 💩 is worth 16 Ether. Even though Steve still has Crafting Tokens for both of those emoji, he can’t craft another Emoji Story. 

If Steve waited to craft the 🤓💩 Emoji Story when the prices were higher (assuming no other player crafted it), it would’ve been worth a whopping 24 Ether! Steve’s really kicking himself, but he can’t complain since he still made a profit of 1.8 Ether. 

However, Steve might have completely messed up another major opportunity for himself by getting rid of his Crafting Tokens too early. After about 50 or so transactions, both 🤓 and 💩 will be worth around 150 Ether each. Since the price of each emoji is so high, there’s a pretty low chance they’ll be bought again (though no one’s stopping you from spending 150 Ether), effectively creating a community-controlled maximum quantity for that emoji’s Crafting Tokens – similar to Bitcoin’s max supply. This means the rarity of Steve’s 🤓 and 💩 Crafting Tokens would’ve skyrocketed along with the rarity of the emoji, but he burned through them too early and learned the hard way. Too bad, Steve! 

And that’s how you play CryptoEmoji! Buy low and hang on to your Crafting Tokens? Craft an Emoji Story right away?

Website URL: https://cryptoemoji.io

Please leave your feedback and let us know how can we improve the experience of the game.