QuickSort Algorithm Tutorial

We have already done tutorial on Merge Sort and a tutorial on Heap Sort (Array Based) with both having a time complexity of O(n*log n). Here is another algorithm which has a time complexity of O(n*log n) and it's called QuickSort.

QuickSort as we all know has a similar approach to Merge Sort i.e. it uses Divide-and-Conquer recursive algorithm to sort the values. The difference being is it's an in-place sorting algorithm.

Basically an in-place algorithm is one which transforms the input using a data structure with a small, constant amount of extra storage space.

Binary Search Tree (BST) Algorithm Tutorial

Earlier we had a tutorial on Binary Seach Tree Basics, which you can check for refreshing the knowledge about it. Today we will be taking a look on BST algorithm and implementing it using Java.

Binary Search Tree is node based binary tree data structure with the following properties:

* The Left subtree contains the nodes with keys less than the node's key.
* The Right subtree contains the nodes with keys greater than the node's key.
* Both the right and left subtree should also be binary search tree.
* There should not be any duplicate nodes.

We have implemented below operations of Binary Search Tree:

* Searching
* Insert Node
* MinValue
* MaxValue

We will be seeing each of the operation and the corresponding Java code.