Data Warehousing Object: Dimension Tables Types

We had our last post on Fact Tables in Data Warehousing. This post is on Dimension Table Types. Along with Fact Tables there are many types of Dimension Tables which are used in Data Warehousing.

Dimension Tables are those tables which contain attributes that helps in describing the facts of the fact table.

The following are types of Dimension Tables:

* Slowly Changing Dimensions
* Junk Dimensions
* Confirmed Dimensions
* Degenerated Dimensions


Creating and using String Variables in visual basic

In today's tutorial I am going to be showing you how to declare and use string variables in visual basic 2010. The very basics of what you need to know about string variables are it will store a string of characters with a label name which you can then call upon later on in your programme. This can save you time as it reduces the amount of code you will have to write.