Data Warehousing Object : Fact Tables

In the previous post on DW we saw different types of Data Warehousing Schemas. So the different types of schemas had one thing in common and that was, they had Fact and Dimension Tables. So these are nothing but Data Warehousing Objects. 

Apart from Fact Tables, Dimension Tables there are other things which come under Data Warehousing Objects, they are:

* Fact Tables
* Dimension Tables
* Hierarchies
* Unique Identifiers
* Relationships

In today's post we will be taking a look in Fact tables.


I want my KAJU KATLI. Do you?

An off the topic post on Code 2 Learn, as KAJU KATLI made me go WOW!!. 

You all might be thinking why am I referring to KAJU KATLI and why am I saying "I want my KAJU KATLI"

A friend of mine, who is an entrepreneur, a blogger and a creative genius did some research on Google's Android OS naming convention. We all at Code 2 Learn are very aware of the naming conventions in programming languages, but we never noticed that Google also follows a certain pattern to name its Android OS. 


Count the number of lines in a File in UNIX

UNIX doesn't have any real command which helps us to get the number of lines which has records or data in it. But what UNIX offers is to get the number of new lines.

The command wc -l <file_name> gives us the number of new line characters and not the no. of lines which has data. For Example, in UNIX make a file, open it and then press enter (dont write anything). Now for the same file run the above command, you will find that it returns an output as 1, which is wrong as it should return 0 as the file has no data in it.

Therefore, to overcome this shortcoming of wc -l, I thought of writing a Shell script which will give us the exact count of the number lines which has data in it.


Data Warehousing SCHEMAS

A schema is a collection of database objects, including table, views, indexes and synonyms.

There are some special architectures which arranges the schema objects in the schemas models. The most common of them are :

* Star Schema
* Snowflake Schema
* Fact constellation Schema


What is a Data Warehouse?

A very exciting and one of the hottest topic currently in the IT world is DATA WAREHOUSE. The tools which are used for the same are among some of the hot skills example INFORMATICA, TERADATA etc.