Iterative Statements in PL/SQL

In the last post on PL/SQL, we had seen Conditional Statements and how they can be used. Today we will be learning about Iterative Statements in PL/SQL.

As we all know the types of Iterative statements that are there in a programming language. PL/SQL also has the same iterative statements and the functioning is also the same, but the only thing different is their syntax

So lets not waste any time and move on to the topic.

UNIX and SHELL Scripting : General Purpose Commands

As everyone is aware of UNIX nowadays thanks to UBUNTU, which has made this platform very popular.

In this post we won't be learning about UNIX or its architecture but what we will be learning are the General Purpose Commands required for UNIX and SHELL Scripting.

UNIX has a lot of commands which perform different functions, and also it has different types of SHELLS like BASH, KORN SHELL. All the shells in unix has some or the other limitation on commands.

So we are considering our shell as BASH, as we all work in BASH shell normally.