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Creating a Custom Home Page in Drupal

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In Drupal the default home page looks like more kind of a blog rather than a normal website. That is why usually developers try to change those default home pages to a custom designed page. But this process is not very simple as for Drupal. There are some different procedures to accomplish that target. Here in this article we will discuss couple of convenient way to create a Custom Home page in Drupal framework.

Procedure to create custom home page

There are basically two ways that can be used to accomplish it. First we are going to discuss the comparatively simpler way to do it, then the more complex one.

Custom Drupal Home Page (without using ‘View’)

This process is not very effective but obviously this is much simpler and easier to do. But only static page can be created this way.

Create New Page

Create Content -> Page
Perform the above mentioned operation in Drupal Site Manager Control Panel. Then Assign a name for the Page as ‘Home Page’
Then select the URL path setting option to change the URL option and enter ‘home’ in the textbox provided in there. Then simply publish the page.

Set new Front Page

Administer -> Site configuration -> Site information
This step is required to finalize the job. Under Site information Change the ‘Default Home Page’ to ‘home’ (as mentioned in URL path). Then simply save the newly created settings and preview the website.
The new Front Page will be landed against domain level request as the Home Page or front Page.

Custom Drupal Home Page (with ‘View’)

This is much complicated method rather than the aforesaid procedure. But this is completely useful for designing dynamic pages as well as static pages. The steps are as follows:

Download View Module

The ‘View’ module can be downloaded from the Drupal website. The installation is not very tough but requires special care and precision. Wrong installation may leads to malfunction of the website.

New Page View

Administer -> Site building -> Views
This is starting step for creating a new ‘view’ that can be transformed into new custom home page. The view creating option is available in the Drupal Admin Panel. The name for this newly created view is required for further referencing. The name should be unique and non-redundant. Then the URL settings should be configures for controlling the actual file name for the ‘view’. The file name that is desired for the home page should be mentioned in the URL settings textbox option. Then the view is ready for being Home Page.

Set View as Front Page

Administer -> Site configuration -> Site information
Under Site information the view name specified in the previous step should be enter in the textbox and then the entire website configuration settings should be saved. This process may take little bit of time depending upon the server bandwidth. When the settings are save in databases and page content, and then the Home Page will be changed to the newly created view.


This process is not only helpful to make a proper website construct instead of blogging outlook, but also it is helpful for SEO, as usual blog home page is not perfectly designed for easier crawling, but a custom generated Home Page may contain several links to the website and thus can improve SEO performances.

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