Using if statements in visual basic 2010

Today I will be showing you how to use the all famous if statements in visual basic 2010, They are fairly easy to use. if statements allow you to create more complex functions for your program so in this tutorial we will be saying that if a textbox says a certain thing then a certain thing will happen. First of all open up visual basic like so.



Generating tabulated PDF file from database using CodeIgniter

After my previous post on Generating PDF Files from Database using CodeIgniter, this is post which will teach you how you can generated pdf files with data displayed in a tabular format. Like below : 

PDF File with Tabulated Data

The data is taken from MySQL database and then that data is displayed as it appears in the table. This is quiet a difficult task to do, but don't worry i have made this easy enough to understand.

We have already seen that CodeIgniter follows the MC pattern and hence we will not discuss more about CodeIgniter but will directly move on to the point.


Know your way around visual basic 2010

In this tutorial I will be showing you your way around certain tools and services you will use a lot while you follow these tutorials so first of all you will need to open up your visual basic which you have downloaded from the past tutorial wait for it to load and create a new project until you get your screen to this:


An introduction to using Visual Basic 2010

Visual basic is an IDE that allows you to make a GUI and then make it do what you want writing code in a language called visual basic. Visual Basic has many useful tools such as the ability to add components from already existing software to help on syntax errors. There are many useful forums for support on using Visual basic 2010 so you will not feel alone if you come across a problem you cannot solve. The language itself is not to complicated and is an ideal place to start if your a young/new programmer looking to make simple to complex software and applications.