Java Certification (O1Z0-851) : uCertify

In today's world if you are an IT professional so you are bound to have certain certification to increase your value in the IT industry. So today I am going to review an uCertify Certification course for Java (O1Z0-851)

Before we proceed lets have an idea about uCertify. uCertify is one of the best in providing certifications of different languages, software ranging from Microsoft, Oracle, Cisco etc. It gives materials which has an in-depth information of the topics that are there, and these training materials are called 'prepKits'.

The above is the exam that I have enrolled myself so that i can provide an in-depth information to you all. As you enroll yourself for the certification  you get a preparation material which is known as PrepKit. 

The PrepKit is a software which is very easily navigable from the home window and it states everything in there very clearly. 

The features of uCertify course material are :

1. Simple, intuitive, user-friendly interface
2. One click dashboard makes it easy to find what you need
3. Guided learning steps you through the process of learning and test preparation, including crucial information about the exam format and test preparation tips.
4. Reference Notes and Study Guides organized according to the actual test objectives 
5. Numerous study aids, including study notes, flash cards, pop quizzes and more
6. Useful Technical Articles section contains information written by industry experts and How To’s that help for easy look up to specific questions
7. Collaboration 
8. Exhaustive practice questions and tests, starting with Diagnostic tests to determine your initial level
9. Learning and test modes
10. Customize your tests – decide how many questions, combine one or more topics of your choice, quiz yourself on a study note, increase the level of difficulty based on your performance at any point in time, even create a test
based on the amount of time you have to take a test!
11. Feedback and assessment when you need it, including Gap Analysis that clearly indicate your areas of strength and weakness
12. Full length Final Practice test that closely simulates those on the certification exam to gauge your preparation level for the actual exam

This Java prepkit contains topics ranging from :

  1. Declarations, Initialization and Scoping
  2. Flow Control
  3. API Contents
  4. Concurrency
  5. OO Concepts
  6. Collections / Generics
  7. Fundamentals

In the prepKit each and every topic is taught well along with the help of examples so that we get a clear view about what we are studying. Along with the preparation material which has 70-90 slides, it also has 9 Practice tests, 1 Adaptive Test, 1 Interactive Quiz (223 Question), 1 Diagnostic test (15 questions) and many more.

The test are equally matched with the content in the studying materials, but it doesn't mean that it will be tough to answer. The practice test , tests what you have really understood and it therefore helps to let you know where do you stand. The materials which is I think an awesome material to understand and learn java.

Apart from the above it also gives you functionalities such as making notes, recommended advance Learning (here you get suggestion from hands-on or Project activites), Online reference library, Glossary, Study Tips, Article (where one can expand his understanding of the topics by reading the articles).

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